Heroin and other Short Acting Opiates

Ibogaine became widely known because of its extraordinary ability to allow an individual to stop taking heroin without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Our most popular product is a six day medically supervised program which enables someone to pass the naloxone challenge, and so move directly on to an OLANI should he or she wish.

Suboxone, Subutex, Methadone and Transdermal Fentanyl 

Synthetic opiates cannot be treated immediately with ibogaine. In order for treatment to begin it is necessary to convert to a short acting opiate first. Lasting Fix offers such a program after which an addict can move on to the six day heroin schedule, and should they wish to an OLANI.


Stimulant abusers, including cocaine, ecstacy and methamphetamine abusers, can benefit from both ibogaine and naltrexone implants. To be treated with ibogaine they must have stopped using for at least a week. Lasting Fix can supervise the detox process if wished. They can then undergo ibogaine therapy, which will last seven or eight days. Thereafter they can receive an OLANI implant.


Alcohol has to be treated in much the same way as stimulants. That is to say a detox process has to be completed before ibogaine can be administered. This is to avoid the possible onset of delirium tremens, which in conjunction with ibogaine can produce a dangerous outcome. Again Lasting Fix can supervise the detox process at our facility if wished. Thereafter ibogaine can be given, after which an OLANI implant can prove most helpful.


A number of different types of depression, including PTSD, have been substantially ameliorated by the use of ibogaine. It is however necessary to stop using some commonly used antidepressants before therapy can begin. Please talk to one of our team about what you are currently taking.

Personal Growth

Ibogaine is widely appreciated for its ability to facilitate deep and lasting personal growth. Typically, an individual undergoing ibogaine treatment experiences a state of profound introspection that incites radical, positive changes in ones thinking and behavior. These changes are catalysts for spirtual, emotional, and psychological growth.