About Us

Lasting Fix as a concept grew out of a series of meetings that took place in the winter of 2015-16.The group that met initially in Los Angeles, and thereafter in Santa Fe, Mexico City and the Bahamas, consisted of doctors, psychologists, addicts, current and recovering, and other interested parties, who wanted to find a new approach to addiction that recognized the shortcomings of both the withdrawal processes in use, and of ongoing care.

An approach to addiction, both kinder and more forgiving was to be sought.

The group included advocates of Ultra Rapid Detox, Rapid Detox, Accelerated Detox and refined cold turkey, as well as those who work with ibogaine. Whilst discussion was confined to the medicos it was difficult to judge which withdrawal protocol was the most comfortable, and left patients in the best frame of mind going forward. As soon as addicts entered the discussion confusion very quickly disappeared. Those able to make informed comparisons, and there were a good number, were unanimous. On both counts ibogaine is superior by some distance. It facilitated a detox without withdrawals – none of the other methodologies can claim as much, and it minimized cravings. It also left people very optimistic about their chances for future sobriety.

Ibogaine is miraculous,but it does have limitations.

A straw poll of the room, taken on a number of occasions, suggests that as high as 50% of ibogaine users stay clean for more than 6 months. At the other end of the spectrum, however, is another group, as high as 20%, who stay clean for less than a week! This could be for a number of reasons, including inappropriate therapeutic practices, substandard product and lack of knowledge of other substances taken, but the net effect is the same. Patients remain in a form of withdrawal that leaves them very vulnerable to relapse. Others, who are clean, are returning to communities and to relationships that remain dominated by opiates. There are also individuals who are still infatuated with drugs, and are stopping to appease outside pressures rather than being driven by their own wishes. 

For these groups in particular we have all been seeking more effective support.

We believe we have found it in the O Neil Long Lasting Naltrexone Implant or OLANI.

Naltrexone has been around for some while. It s an extremely effective antagonist for opiates, meaning that it blocks the opioid receptors and renders opiates meaningless. It is also an excellent aid in the treatment of stimulants and alcohol. But until recently the range of naltrexone offerings available in the Americas has been restricted to product that provides effective prophylaxis for a period of not much more than 2 months.

It s not long enough. Which means serial doses are required, and everyone knows that doesn t work. It had always been the big drawback. Never forget, for a heroin addict in recovery once is always too much..

And then came the OLANI.

9 months or more with minimal cravings.

A year s protection from overdose death.

Forgiveness from making a mistake.​

Lasting Fix offers a combination of IBOGAINE and OLANI that is kind and forgiving.

Our purpose has been Fulfilled.